Crestone/Baca Real Estate Sales Trends 2017-2021 YTD

Crestone/Baca Real Estate Sales Trends 2017-2021 YTD – The Last 4 Years

Home Sales

Home Sales Summary

2021 has been an exciting year for home sales.

Sale prices for homes are steadily increasing year-over-year and in 2021 the Crestone area saw the first sale price of over $600,000. The number of homes sold in the $400 – $500K price range has more than doubled, with 4 active listings in this price range as of August 15, 2021. The total number of homes sold in 2021 YTD is 52, which already surpasses the 2019 total. If the average number of homes sold per month continues through 2021 the total homes sold will also surpass the 2020 total by more than 10 homes.

Summary of House Sales by Prices 2017 – 2021 YTD

Sale Price | Year20172018201920202021 YTD
$500K – 599K00012
$400K – 499K110410
$350K – 399K22169
$300K – 350K13596
$250 – $299K413101413
$200K – 249K 111010164
$150K – 200K201016156
$100K – 149K102231
< $100k 83700
This report does not include homes sold by builders and FSBO not listed on the MLS.

Highest Sale Price Home

614 Palomino Way Crestone, CO 81131

Close Price: $610,000

Vacant Lots/Land Sales

Vacant Land Sales Summary

Total Number of Vacant Land Parcels Sold over time

Total Vacant Parcel Sales by price over time

Commercial Sales

There are very few commercial properties in the town of Crestone area.

YearNumber of properties sold
2021 YTD2