Growing up in rural America has given Raven a unique understanding of the beauty and the complications that present themselves in small communities.  As a child she grew up on a small farm in northeast Nebraska with her parents and nine other siblings. It was here in which she developed skills and compassion needed not only to survive but to thrive in communities she chooses to live in.  Like most small town kids, she was curious and wanted to adventure out to see what else the world had to offer.  She then moved to Omaha, Nebraska to embrace her love for teaching children.  Spending this time with the youth, reignited her love and passion for music.  After arriving in Boulder she became fully engrossed in healing therapies, music, dance, and painting.  This then lead her to Crestone where she has her own massage and art studio. In this one year anniversary of living here in Crestone, Raven has found meaningful connections through volunteering her time in the community in the form of cooking for the Food Bank, Neighbors Helping Neighbors organization, a participant member of the Energy Fair family, as well as a member of the Peace Patrol.  The combination of compassion and consciousness within the community here in Crestone has given Raven a sense of security and belonging.  And for this, she is proud, honored, and thankful to call it home.